Timo Veranta is am emerging music producer and DJ originating from Moscow, Russia. Timo Veranta started his musical journey at a young age playing piano, as his mother was a music professor. The now Berlin-based artist started his music career with a band, Madison Affair (2006-2014). In 2012, Veranta took his first steps into the electronic music scene. In 2014 he started producing music inspired by the sounds of tech house and melodic techno.  Timo Veranta has seen releases with labels such as EIN2, Stickrecordings, ERYN, Syncforward, Frequenza, and lauter Unfug. His unique style features nostalgic elements, groovy basslines, dark atmospheres, and an overall organic sound. Timo produces with analog synthesizers, making every release unique and organic. Through releases such as ‘Feierabend’, ‘Jupiter’, ‘Breakfast Club’, and many more, Timo Veranta is setting his footprint in the music scene. 

contact & booking: info@timoveranta.com

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